Mor Air’s Reliable and Comprehensive Guide on Installing and Maintaining Your AC System

Should you consider getting an air conditioner unit? There are many reasons for getting an AC unit, depending on your desires and needs. We will examine some of these considerations in the sections below. We will be taking the perspective that you are considering an air conditioner for your home. For a business, there may be additional or different considerations, but much of the information contained herein will be applicable.

We will assume in this article that you are considering a larger air conditioner, possibly one that is mounted outside, and which utilizes a ducting system to cool different rooms in the house.

The Advantages of Having an AC Unit

The most obvious benefit of getting an air conditioning system is cooling, particularly if you live in an area that gets hot in the summer. But one other important benefit can be improved personal health. An air conditioner filters out particles in the air and removes moisture. The filtered air is better for your health, particularly if you have asthma or other respiratory problems. Filtering can be a big help in reducing your exposure to allergens. Examples of particles an AC system can remove are mold spores, pet dander, pollen, and dust mites.

If you do home exercises, and an air conditioning system can give you a cooler place to work out, making it more pleasurable as you work on your health. It is also likely that you will sleep better in an air-conditioned room, both from the standpoint of having a lower and constant temperature, and the air is filtered for particles. Cleaner air can be important.

Hiring an AC Installation Company

If you are considering a larger air conditioner, you will have the task of choosing a company to do business with. An internet search for local HVAC contractors would be likely to start. You should also look for internet-based reviews of your prospective companies to help you do your assessment. Additionally, you can ask your friends and associates for their recommendations. Ideally, you will find a company that can sell you the system, have their installers set it up for you, and do the periodic maintenance after it is installed.

Maintaining Your AC System Unit Reguarly

For a larger air conditioning system, you will likely want to enter an agreement with your AC company to do periodic maintenance. A larger conditioner contains parts that need periodic cleaning and testing to lengthen the life of the system.

Things to be done include:
1. You can clean or either replace the filter
2. Clean and inspect the evaporator and condenser coils
3. Inspect the fins connected to the coils and re-set as needed
4. Inspect the drain for any blockage
5. Also inspect the refrigerant level and even check for leaks
6. If the central Air Conditioning unit is outside, make sure unit functions are free from blockage

It may be that you can take care of the filter yourself, as it may need to be serviced monthly, whereas the rest of the maintenance on the AC unit can be done annually or semi-annually. Mor Air will definitely recommend a maintenance plan to suit your needs.