privacy policy

Privacy Policy

We do not collect much information at Jobseekers Advice and the one rule we follow that set’s us apart from other sites is: We will never pass your information onto anyone else. Period.

This section will give you a brief overview of the information we do collect and how we use it.


Our forum and blog software leaves a cookie on your computer. This is to enable you to return to the forum without having to log in. Our cookies do not record any individual information about you and we have no access to files on your machine. Most websites will leave a cookie on your computer these days.


We use statistics software to monitor the progress and growth of the site.

This records various information, such as IP address of visitors, country the site was accessed from, what pages were viewed and what site or search engine referred visitors to our site.

This information is not collected about individuals. It is presented in a summary format for a particular timescale. For example, one report may be how many unique visitors came to our site during the month of March.

We use this information to monitor new additions to the site and gauge their effectiveness, as well as monitoring our marketing activities. This information is not passed onto anyone outside of Jobseekers Advice.

If you have any comments or concerns about our privacy policy, then feel free to contact us.