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The Japanese Language Explained

Whether you are planning a visit to Japan(take a tour of Japan for your vacation), have a friend from there, or are simply interested in expanding your knowledge base, then you might be interested in learning more about the Japanese language and how to speak and/or write this incredibly beautiful language.

One of the many reasons that some folks in the west find it difficult to learn Japanese is that their language comes from a different language family. While Spanish is easier due to the historical commonalities, the Asian languages utilize different characters, sound production, and even different words.

The latter is actually one of the challenges with learning any language, no matter how close to your own it might be. For example, the Greek language, on which many of our English words are based, have five separate words for what folks in the US refer to as “love.”

However, even with these challenges, you can open your mind and embrace learning the Japanese language. Once you have grasped the various aspects of pronunciation and sentence structure, you will find it easier to proceed with your lessons. These basics are the foundation upon which you will build your own working knowledge of Japanese.

In order to improve your experiences learning the language, you can complement your studies with cultural information regarding the nation. This will add clarity to the meanings behind certain words, how they evolved and the various contexts in which they should be used. While you don’t have to read college level textbooks (unless you want to), checking out some basic introductory history will enrich your understanding. If you intend to visit Japan, doing this will also help you.

There are several ways that you can learn the Japanese language, and many experts recommend that you utilize more than one method of study. By approaching the task from multiple angles, you will be able to learn faster than if you only use one or two of the suggestions.

The internet has made it much, much easier to expose your brain to new languages. For one thing, there are several excellent digital instruction options. These generally include images of the word to help your neural connections form. You will also have the opportunity to hear, and most likely speak the new words. By using software that allows you to practice aloud, you can reduce your errors when speaking to real people.

To complement your studies, watch video content made in Japanese. If you keep up with international news, you can check out their broadcasts regarding the latest happenings in the world. Remember that their news might present some matters in a different light than the media in the US. In addition to, or instead of, the news, you can also watch television shows. Stick with the same ones because the context of the words being spoken will expand as you understand the relationships between the various people that are on it.

Although it might be challenging in the beginning, if you follow these tips for a solid foundation of learning Japanese, you can eventually read, speak and even think comfortably in Japanese and be able to express the most beautiful landscapes of Japan.